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The cruises we propose

 The two hours tour :

 Work of Libron (one hour) :
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 Created in 1858 this work enables the flow of the Libron. This stream experiences devasting rises in the water level. Those are load with silt and sand up le Canal du Midi. If we consider the weak water level difference, it was impossible to build an aqueduc.

This work is unique because of the building techniques used and its hydraulic characteristics. The machinery of the Libron work is composed of portico-shaped metallic structures which activated two caissons. Those two groups of four caissons are placed side by side and form artificial bed which allows the Libron water to flow into the sea. Moreover, the splitting off of the Libron into two branches enables the traffic of the barges during the rise of the level water period. That work still functions nowadays. Go under those entranglements of cogs and gates so that you will be able to admire the ingenuity of mankind who hamesses nature without damaging it.

 Port fluvial d'Agde (one hour)

 Here is a very shaded sail which peacefully leads to the pont des trois yeux. Go under the highest arch and get to the port fluvial d'Agde at the écluse ronde's door.

These two tours will occur in the cool of the plane trees : gorgeous landscapes.

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 of the cities of Agde's community 
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 The four hours tour :

 Ecluse ronde d'Agde - The Hérault or the Canal du Midi :

 The round basin or the round lock in Agde was particularly well designed (1679-1680). It is the only round lock in the world. It regulates the flow of three leaksand serves as a roundabout. But it permits also to control the water inflow from the Hérault.

The round basin in Agde has been enlarged recently to enable to manoeuvre the large barges. That work had first been built of basaltic stones like most of the works from our region. After crossing the lock, you can discover the Hérault or go on sailing on the canal.

 Ecluse de Portiragnes

After admiring the work of Libron, you can sail on the Canal du Midi and see the port of Cassafière. Then you will be able to cross the écluse de Portiragnes and go under a legendary archway of plane trees...

 A tour without any lock

 You can go and see the work of Libron. It is a lovely sail to the écluse of Portiragnes' door. Then you will be able to do a U-turn and sail to the port fluvial d'Agde going through the pont des trois yeux.
 It's a very bucolic sail.

 The day tour :

 Sailing on the l'Hérault to the mill of Bessan

 After going through the écluse ronde d'Agde, you will discover the mill of de Bessan if you choose to sail upstream on the Hérault. The mill of Bessan is a XIth century's work if we consider its foundations and from the XIIème century for its walls. Those vestiges will stop you and you will go back from there while taking full advantage of the Hérault.

 The nature reserve of Bagnas

 After going through the écluse ronde d'Agde you can discover a gorgeous landscape in the shade of the plane trees. It is the nature reserve of Bagnas. The pointe des Onglous is located 5 miles downstream from Agde and indicates the end of the Canal du Midi.

It is at this right place near the étang de Thau that the building of the “Two Seas Canal” came to an end three hundred years ago. Singular landscapes, domain of the pink flamingo.

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